Michele combines her interest in meditation with her passion for fine art photography to create images which reveal the beauty, clarity, and simplicity of everyday objects by focusing on how color, line, light, texture, or shadow can be fresh and new —an anchor to the present moment.

Michele grew up in the northeast, but has lived in both the southwest and southeast regions of the country and when she’s not referring to herself in the third person, she enjoys traveling, working on home improvement projects, admiring ’60s muscle cars, and detailing her Tacoma.

You can see more of her work by following her on Instagram: @michele.algreen or twitter: @m_images.


“Naturalness, spontaneity, and playfulness are all aspects of the ordinary mind that catches a glimpse of the world of things just as they are. To live this life fully means to see all of it. The doorway to this experience is the creative process.” ~ John Daido Loori